Rain, Rain , Rain

Tis the season in St Augustine, Fl. for rain and lots of it. But that’s a good thing right? Well not always so. As with anything, too much can be bad. Coupled with the high heat of the summer these rains bring about certain unwanted conditions. For our lawns it means being able to turn down the irrigation but also the spread of fungus. This can ruin the lawn overnight. Applications of fungicide are needed to correct the problem and often take more than one treatment. Fungus is a disease pathogen. As with most diseases, it requires longer term treatment to cure. The earlier you start the faster the cure.

Next on this watery list is Clorosis  or yellowing of the lawn. This condition can lessen with drying out the lawn but might require Iron supplements. This will help return that lush green color we all love.

Lastly but not least are the damaging insect issues. Mainly Chinch Bugs and Sod Web Worms. Both of the pests over wintered very well this year due to a very warm winter. The damage they cause can definitely destroy your lawn.

So what’s the answer? Simply contact us at Aloha Pest and Lawn and one of our experienced professionals will diagnose and prescribe an effective solution to your particular situation. Thanks for reading.