Pest & Lawn Control in Northeast Florida

Subterranean Termite Control

Protects your families’ largest investment, your home. We provide both Pre and Post construction treatments. Our service is backed by a damage repair and retreatment warranty to provide you peace of mind. (Some exclusions may apply due to construction variables) Our State Certified Inspectors will provide you with a no obligation inspection to assess your homes needs.

Perimeter Plus Pest Control

Is a bimonthly service for your home designed to prevent entry of unwanted pests. The service focuses on the exterior perimeter of the home treating the foundation, soffit, window and door openings, and all exterior penetrations. Spider webs, Dirt Dauber and wasps nest are removed as well. Costs are based on square footage and complexity of construction. We back our service with a satisfaction guarantee between visits.

Odor removal

We employ the use of “Photohydroionization” to kill and breakdown odor causing bacteria. Most homes can be treated in less than a day. This works extremely well for smoke and pet odors. There is no troublesome preparation or cleanup after treatment. Breathe easier in an odor free home once again.

Rodent Services

Rodents often make use of the smallest of openings to enter a home. Once there, they keep coming back. They not only damage property by constant chewing on surfaces, but by fecal contamination as well. We trap and remove rodents, but we also inspect and identify all the possible access points on your home offering a permanent solution to this problem by repairing them to look like the original construction. A one year warranty backs all repairs and can be renewed annually.