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Lawn Care

Our science based program for your lawn and landscape controls turf damaging pests such as Chinch Bugs, Mole Crickets, Sod web worms, and Fire Ants. It includes control for Broadleaf and Sedge weeds. Fertilization is also provided at the appropriate times for best growth and color. This program is based on eight (8) visits annually specifically timed for achieving a healthy landscape.

Mosquito Service

Monthly misting of nesting and harborage areas to control biting Adult mosquitoes, Biting Flies, and nuisance flying insects; will let you enjoy your outdoor home once again. Our technicians will service your landscape and property safely and effectively identifying breeding sites and harborage areas that promote these unwanted guest. Let’s not forget the threat of multiple diseases they carry. Our service and the use of personal repellants will have you back outdoors once again.

Wildlife trapping

Raccoons, Opossums, and those tunneling Armadillos can be a persistent problem in Florida. We provide humane entrapment and relocation of these unwanted guests. This is not a do it yourself moment as they often carry diseases that can be contracted if you are bitten or scratched.

Pressure cleaning

The wonderful Florida tropical climate unfortunately brings with it mold and bacteria that can build up on your home’s exterior surfaces. This not only looks bad but degrades finishes and lowers property value. We provide exterior cleaning that kills and removes mold, bacteria, and stains. Mild fungicides and cleaners aide in this process not the use of high pressure. Homes, pool enclosures, and all concrete areas large or small can be safely kept looking bright and fresh.

I would highly recommend Aloha Pest and Lawn for your pest and lawn services. When I first contacted Aloha the owner, Dean, came to my home to evaluate the problems I was having and set up a schedule of services. They were prompt, courteous and immediately I started seeing an improvement in the lawn and lessening or elimination of bugs and flying insects. The service Representative, Joel, is helpful in answering my questions and doing a thorough job. When I have called the office and asked to speak with Dean regarding a particular problem (midges) he has returned my call immediately and has sent a representative out the same day with a solution. To me that is service! Their pricing is reasonable with payment options available. So if you are looking for an excellent Pest and Lawn Service you can stop and look no further than Aloha Pest and Lawn Service.

Nadine Stroer July 7, 2017

Aloha Pest and Lawn