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Winter damage.

We are all seeing the effects of old man winter right now in our St Augustine landscapes. From the brown grass in the lawn to the shriveled plants in the garden, this years cold has had its affect on everything. Don’t be in a rush to cut all that foliage back just yet. It can […]

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Rain, Rain , Rain

Tis the season in St Augustine, Fl. for rain and lots of it. But that’s a good thing right? Well not always so. As with anything, too much can be bad. Coupled with the high heat of the summer these rains bring about certain unwanted conditions. For our lawns it means being able to turn […]

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I would highly recommend Aloha Pest and Lawn for your pest and lawn services. When I first contacted Aloha the owner, Dean, came to my home to evaluate the problems I was having and set up a schedule of services. They were prompt, courteous and immediately I started seeing an improvement in the lawn and lessening or elimination of bugs and flying insects. The service Representative, Joel, is helpful in answering my questions and doing a thorough job. When I have called the office and asked to speak with Dean regarding a particular problem (midges) he has returned my call immediately and has sent a representative out the same day with a solution. To me that is service! Their pricing is reasonable with payment options available. So if you are looking for an excellent Pest and Lawn Service you can stop and look no further than Aloha Pest and Lawn Service.

Nadine Stroer July 7, 2017

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